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Waccamaw Management, LLC was founded in 1987 with current ownership in place since 2005. Our company, which includes 200+ employees, provides professional management services to over 225 community Associations, comprising more than 50,000 individual properties. Our clients range from gated and open master planned communities with thousands of homes and dozens of sub-associations and other complexities, to homeowners’ associations with several hundred homes and condo and town home Associations with a few dozen residences. We have been serving many of these Associations for more than 20 years. These achievements we contribute to our culture of integrity, professionalism and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business. We are continuously improving not only our staff through training and collaboration, but also our internal systems and technology, enabling us to refine and upgrade the solutions we provide to our ASSOCIATION communities. We have offices located in Pawley’s Island, Carolina Forest, Grande Dunes and Briarwood on the edge of North Myrtle Beach.

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Our leadership position in the Association Management Industry has been earned through our commitment to professionalism, integrity, innovation, and dedication to ensure the success of our Client Communities. Our attention to detail, availability, and timely response to inquiries, reporting, and physical maintenance of your community are keys to our success.

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Waccamaw Management is dedicated to offering great service to all of our properties. Check out one of the services offered below to view more details or request a Management Proposal to speak with a member of Waccamaw Management about our services.

Management Philosophy

Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC is committed to being The Best Community Association Management Firm in South Carolina. Our primary responsibility to our Client Communities is to ensure the economic stability of their community and to enhance the quality of life of their residents. We accomplish this by providing leadership and guidance, assisting the Association’s Board of Directors in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities in accordance with the Association’s Governing Documents and applicable Local, State, and Federal Laws and Regulations.

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We accomplish extraordinary results through our Team of Executives assisting and mentoring our Management Team members who are delivering services to individual Client Communities, as well as to our Back-Office Teams who are providing the detailed accounting and record keeping functions, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, in collecting assessments, managing delinquencies, verifying invoices and paying bills, etc. This teamwork creates the synergy that allows us to deliver results to our Client Communities in accordance with our standards of excellence and accuracy that would be impossible to achieve with a single manager or even a few dedicated staff members operating independently in your community.

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Hurricane Ian

Waccamaw Management is available to handle any urgent issues as a result of Hurricane Ian.  Please call (843) 237-9551 to reach our Emergency Dispatch Service.  You may also e-mail us at info@waccamawmanagement.com for less urgent matters.

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