Management Services

Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC is committed to being The Best Community Association Management Firm in South Carolina. Our primary responsibility to our Client Communities is to ensure the economic stability of their community and to enhance the quality of life of their residents.
Fiscal Management Services
Includes budgeting, preparing and reviewing of financial statements, collecting of maintenance assessments, paying of association bills, assisting in the preparation of state and federal income tax returns as well as the annual audit and financial planning. We have the ability to customize a financial reporting plan for your association as well as special accounting and tracking of single payment or multi-installment special assessment. All funds are maintained in separate accounts in the association's name....
Physical Property Supervision
Includes engaging, dismissing, training and supervising the association's maintenance personnel, establishing job descriptions and maintenance schedules and making regular physical inspections of the property. Maintenance employees must provide documentation of legal status, undergo a SLED background check and must pass a drug screening test. We maintain a working relationship with area landscaping and horticultural experts for advice and any special needs in the care of the property....
Administrative Services
Include organizing and attending all Board of Directors' meetings, negotiating association service contracts, negotiating and making recommendations on the association's insurance coverage and handling all correspondence to or from the association. We place the highest level of priority on prompt response to client inquiries, including in person visits, phone calls, emails and written communications. We maintain a continuous awareness of the local, regional and national property insurance market....
Waccamaw Management is dedicated to offering great service to all of our properties. Check out one of the services offered below to view more details or stop by our HOA Services page for a complete list of all the services offered by Waccamaw Management.
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