Modification Request Form

Your request will be submitted to the Association for review. The Association will respond as quickly as possible upon receipt of a completed application with all required information. Please upload as much information as possible to expedite the approval.

  • If your application is disapproved in any respect, you will be notified of how your plans and specifications are deficient.
  • Your application gives the Association the right to enter exterior areas of the property, with prior notice, to inspect the project as it proceeds to determine if it is being performed in accordance with the terms of the approved modification application.
  • You must inform the Management Company at when the modification is completed to arrange for a final inspection by the Association. You are invited to be present during all inspections.
Accompanying this application form, you must supply all plans and specifications necessary for the Association to base its decision, such as:
  • Survey plat of the property showing property location, setbacks, and easements, with the proposed modification superimposed on the documents.
  • Project plans or drawings showing the addition of or modifications to the existing dwelling, landscaping layout, and their relationship to property setbacks and easements.
  • Material descriptions and specifications, brochures, samples, similar project photographs, and color choices.
  • Name of licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, if one is to be used.

By submitting this application, you verify that you have familiarized yourself with the latest version of the Association's Architectural Guidelines and Restrictions. These guidelines and restrictions provide a template for maintaining conformity and harmony with external design and general quality with the existing standards and property values of the community.
NOTE: The application with supporting documents submitted by the homeowner becomes a contract between the homeowner and the Association and commits the homeowner to performing the modification exactly as described. Any deviation from the approved application, to include a change (location, color, size, fence height, etc.) made by you or your contractor, or required by county or other governmental codes or building permits, must be resubmitted for written approval by the Association before the project begins. All permits for the project, if required by the county, must be posted on the site before construction begins.