Keys to Management Success

With a great turnout of nearly a hundred board members, the annual Board Member Conference for Waccamaw Management was held on April 24th at the HGTC Conference Center in the Market Common. A wide-ranging slate of topics was discussed over the course of the conference, educating attendees on issues facing property managers and associations and offering solutions to ensure success in the coming year.

A fantastic lineup of speakers imparted their knowledge on the key subjects of the conference. Alicia Thompson from the McNair Law Firm, Shaun Cranford from the Cranford Law Firm and Pam Heller from BB&T provided sound advice and innovative strategies for navigating the landscape facing community managers today. Risk management strategies were an area of focus, stressing the importance of things like proper vetting of vendors and maintaining sufficient and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Another key area of emphasis was the role of social media and electronic communication in community management. As we all know, social media is a huge factor in business and a dynamic online presence is necessary. However, this tool can cut both ways and negative voices can sometimes muddy the waters. The speakers discussed how to respond when faced with negativity online and how to maintain a strong, positive presence through various electronic media like e-blasts, newsletters and blogs.

Also central to the themes of the conference was the importance of coordinating successful and efficient meetings. Speakers and skits by Waccamaw Management employees discussed and educated how to keep meetings on track by constructing detailed agendas and sticking to them. Another area of focus was the significance of following up on issues and keeping the dialogue open after meetings.

With such informative discussions and a great group of experienced speakers, attendees of the Board Member Conference received useful advice on ensuring that our partners are well-equipped to succeed in the coming year and beyond. We look forward to an even bigger turnout for our conference next spring as we continue to strive towards our mission of being the best community association management firm in South Carolina.

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